Nyx Triskelion
Biographical information
  • After the Sundering
  • Alive
  • Lyceum Student
  • Human (formerly)
  • Female
Couple Ignifex AKA Marcus Valerius Lux

Nyx Triskelion is the main protagonist of the Cruel Beauty, daughter of Leonidas and Thisbe Triskelions, twin sister of Astraia and the former wife of prince Marcus Valerius Lux. She is currently seventeen and is a student at the Lyceum of Sardis. 


Nyx is similar to her father. She has long, straight, black hair, high cheekbones, and a aristocrat nose. She is not the most beautiful but Ignifex said that she is not simple.


Since finding out about her doom, Nyx had been malicious, resentful, sardonic and bitter. She would have the most hatred towards her father, angry that he had always picked Astraia over her, and at her sister herself. At the same time she is strong-willed, cunning and fancies using dark sarcasm. 


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